NEW – Cocall 2X


The Cocall2X , New product of PRODUITS COCALL INC  this year, the new generation electronic game call, Equipped with superior sound quality. More powerful than its predecessor, Easy to use, improved battery life efficiency and new software optimized for hunting.


Protector cover.
Micro-Usb wire.
1 year limited warranty on electronics.
MicroSD card with 10 moose and deer sounds included in device.

Included sound

  1. Moose cow plaint 1
  2. Moose cow plaint 2
  3. Moose cow not receptive
  4. Moose cow in rut
  5. Moose cow in rut when male is near
  6. Moose bull rot
  7. Moose bull snorting
  8. Deer doe
  9. Deer male rot 1
  10. Deer male rot 2

Studio recording


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 4 in

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Testimonials: What our customers say about our products

Thank you, Cocall! Very nice sound! I made the buck come out using the Micro-SD for Cocall (sounds of a lone cow moose). I let it play for about 4 minutes and I waited. 10 minutes later, the little buck appeared.

Congratulations again for your product. My Cocall will certainly be part of my hunting trip once again next year.

Here in Michigan, hunting is a way of life. I have been hunting for many years, and I must say that the Cocall calling system is the best I have ever used. On my latest hunting trip to Canada, Cocall helped me score a beautiful moose. Thanks again!